MK Ultra Blonde Kanye is Friends With Trump | Kanye West Visits Trump Tower

kanye and trump friends now
I guess Donald Trump and Kanye West are best friends now

Blond Kanye and Trump are Friends

In case you did not get the memo Kanye West, sporting his new blonde hair, made a trip to Trump Tower to visit his buddie Donald Trump.  In case you are anything like me and wondering in what universe these two guys were friends I included the photo above as proof.

The Twittersphere and internet is going crazy.  Everyone is sharing the short video clip which only shows Kanye entering Trump Tower and taking a photo with Donald Trump.  In the short clip Donald Trump says that he and Kanye West are good friends.
kanye west lost it on ellen's show
Kanye looks really disillusioned and out of it to be honest.  This coupled with his hospitalization for the mental breakdown he allegedly suffered recently just makes for an overall strange 2016 for Kanye West.  Kanye had a breakdown of sorts live on the Ellen show earlier in the year.

Hey maybe Trump is going to make Kanye West a part of his cabinet when he gets into office, lol.  Seriously though, Kanye did say that he wants to run for president in the future.  Maybe he has to show his alliances before he can move up within the power structure.

Kanye West emerges from MK Ultra programming with blonde hair
Is Kanye part of an MK Ultra mind control program?

Conspiracies Surrounding Kanye West and MK Ultra Mind Control

As expected, there are conspiracies abound on the circumstances with Kanye.  Many think that he is a part of the MK Ultra CIA mind control program.  Instead of typing about them all here I'll just link to the videos below so that you can watch for yourself.

I know that it sounds crazy but a lot of these MK Ultra theories are interesting and actually make a lot of sense.  Supposedly everything, even Kanye's dyeing of his hair blonde after emerging from the mental institute has ties to MK Ultra mind programming.  According to supasly75 on YouTube, men are allowed to die their hair blonde as a sign of compliance or that they don't agree with the programming but will go along with it regardless.

Aseer speaks on the situation regarding Kanye West and Donald Trump (as well as several other topics) starting at 5:00 minutes in this video.

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