Is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in the Illuminati?

kanye west illuminati kim kardashian illuminati
"Baby, we in the Illuminati. Don't tell anyone it's a secret!"

Say it ain’t so.  The rumor mill is going wild again over speculation about Kanye West and the Illuminati.

Kanye West and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian Tweeted pictures of their complimentary golden bracelets. 
In the photo Kim has wide, plain gold bracelets on each wrist and Kanye has two different bracelets.  One appears to have pyramids or triangles and the other has snakes on it.

is kanye west in the illuminati look at the bracelets
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Illuminati

Triangles and snakes...big deal!!?  These are supposed to be occult symbols and anything occult is seen as bad I guess.

I still don’t think that Kanye West is apart of the Illuminati.  I do think he will keep playing this hype and attention up though.  It’s kind of cool when you think about it.  I mean people actually think that he is a part of a super secret society that runs the world.  Just like Jay-Z said when interviewed about his alleged Illuminati involvement on New York’s HOT 107 FM, he can’t even get into the country club with these guys and he is supposed to be apart of the Illuminati???

Yeah right!

So now everyone will be searching Google for Kim Kardashian Illuminati too.  Guilty by association.