Kanye West Epic Meltdown | Mental Problems Or Spiritual Attack?

kanye crying

Maybe Kanye West Isn't Crazy.

TMZ is saying that Kanye West has been stressed and paranoid for months now, building up to his epic meltdown on stage. 1

According to Billboard, Kanye West was hospitalized after suffering from "temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation".  Several artists though, such as Martin Lawrence and Dave Chappelle had their images come under attack in recent years with the label of "crazy".

Dave Chappelle in particular doesn't agree with this label and feels like calling people such as Kanye West crazy is simply a way for the entertainment industry to control damage the image of artists that speak out on public issues or that have too much control over their own careers.

Dave Chappelle said it best. 2
“The worst thing to call somebody is ‘crazy.’ It’s dismissive. ‘I don’t understand this person, so they’re crazy’. That’s bulls**t.”
Chappelle even goes further to suggest that Kanye's mention during his on stage rant of Jay-Z and DJ Khaled not do send their killers after him was similar to Martin Lawrence's breakdown in the middle of the street — when he was waving a gun and saying, “They’re trying to kill me!” 2

kanye west going crazy on ellen

Is Kanye Under Mind Control Or Attack From The Illuminati?

There are tons of theories about the illuminati attacking Kanye West's mental health from the Red Phil to Professor Griff.  After Kanye's epic breakdown on the Ellen Degeneres show recently people started to wonder about Mr. West's mental health.