In Depth Discussion. Is Kanye West In The Illuminati? People Everywhere Are Now Talking About Kanye West And The Illuminati.

Power video still looks like painting everyone wants to know is Kanye West Illuminati.

Here’s the million dollar question.  Is Kanye West Illuminati?  It may seem strange that this topic would be seriously considered now but it has been gaining steam with every music video that Kanye West releases.  More people have started to give serious consideration to the possibility of Kanye West being a part of the Illuminati.

These questions grew from random ramblings of conspiracy theory nutjobs to receiving coverage from major media outlets including MTV and many other newspapers, magazines, TV shows, and websites.  The Kanye Illuminati allegations as well as other artists alleged to be connected to the Illuminati really started to come into the mainstream public perception when Angie Martinez asked Jay-Z if he was in the Illuminati live on New York radio station Hot 97.  By the time that interview occurred in 2010 public interest in the Illuminati in the music industry was high because of multiple YouTube videos aimed at “exposing” artists such as Kanye West and Jay-Z.
The topic of Kanye West and the Illuminati is debated about all over the internet, YouTube, and has even become a favorite topic for many celebrity tabloids.  Each new video that he releases increases the speculation and Illuminati suspicions about Kanye West.  People are literally examining every move that Kanye makes for additional “proof” that Kanye West is an initiate of this secret society that people claim is running the world.  Now there are tons of videos that expose the connections of Kanye West and the Illuminati.

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What Exactly Is The Illuminati...And Why Is Kanye West A Member?  Where's The Proof That Kanye West Is Illuminati?

For the most part people that are searching for information about Kanye West and the Illuminati on the internet do not really know who or what the “Illuminati” actually is.  To genuinely move towards the subject matter Is Kanye West Illuminati we have to become familiar with what the actual label “Illuminati” refers to.  Who is the Illuminati and what is the criteria for membership?
Wikipedia says that illuminati, the plural of illuminatus (meaning enlightened) was a term specifying numerous groups.  The original illuminati was created in Europe in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a Bavarian.  These orders were set up along the same lines as freemasonry and included several noticeable members who were diplomats and aristocrats.  All initiates took an oath of secrecy.  The real purpose of the Illuminati was to establish the philosophical and administrative elite of society.  Many of the strategies and organization of the Illuminati were exposed as several publications by the groups were seized and made public do to political unrest and infighting within the group.
Members of the ruling party in Europe attempted to break up and ban the Illuminati however many masonic origins today still bear the title illuminati in their name and claim to be the modern heir to the original Bavarian Illuminati.  This is why it’s not exactly a “conspiracy” to assume that the Illuminati still exist.
Current conspiracy theory holds the Illuminati to blame for a multitude of worldwide events. Some examples are the French Revolution, JFK’s assassination, global warfare, population control, and almost everything else.  The main objective is to create a New World Order.  Many people have the suspicion that Hollywood has been taken over by the Illuminati.  They believe that subliminal messages are used in the film and music industry as tools to control the masses.
shades all black illuminati kanye west performance Some of the veterans like David Icke and Alex Jones have been disseminating this type of information for years.  Their message took a peculiar shift within the last few years as Icke and Jones began to talk in detail about the Illuminati in the industry.  Their main focus has been on the Illuminati in the music industry.  The strangest thing about this is that their focal point has been on black hip hop and R&B artists such as Kanye West and Rihanna.

Keep in mind that present-day conspiracy theory alleges that the label “Illuminati” is applied to a select, secret society which supposedly was established in order to plot worldwide major events and manipulate world governments and corporations while operating incognito New World Order.

Here is a question that we should consider.  Do we honestly believe that an exclusive group that is controlling the world needs to recruit artists like Kanye West to influence people through his music?  I’m open-minded.  I think anything is possible but I don’t honestly believe Kanye West is Illuminati.  I’m not even saying there is no influence of the Illuminati in the industry but I think ultimately we have bigger fish to fry.

If someone is concerned about this alleged group that controls the world then why focus on Kanye West and the Illuminati?  Ask yourself this question.  Does Kanye West control the food supply, make laws, or anything else on this grand of a scale that really affects anyone’s lives?  Of course the answer to that question is no.

Why is Kanye West In The Illuminati?  Is It Okay For Kanye To Be Interested In The Occult and Ancient Egypt?

kanye west illuminati pyramid rings horus chain occult
 A lot of people assume Kanye West is Illuminati because they see him with symbols such as the “all seeing eye”, also known as the “eye of Horus”, the pyramid, and also the “roc” sign that Kanye West makes with his hands which is a symbol of a diamond (or pyramid depending on who you ask).  There are so many videos and websites online claiming that these are the symbols of the Illuminati (or the devil) which leads to additional suspicions by fans about Kanye West in the Illuminati.

 For the most part people do not understand ancient Egyptian culture or the origin of the Egyptian symbols.  The symbols are not evil.  It is incorrect to assume that someone worships the devil or is in the Illuminati because they express interest in ancient Egyptian culture.  These assumptions are coming from a narrow-minded (typically Christian) point of view that demonizes all things that do not fit within its collective ideology.
It’s incorrect to categorize Egyptian symbols as evil as ancient Egyptian culture was extremely spiritual and based off of values of love, truth, and universal law.  It is natural for someone like Jay-Z, Kanye West, or Beyonce to be interested in ancient Egyptian culture as they may be seeking their African roots.  This is not unique as many African Americans seeking their African history look to the magnificence of ancient Egypt with pride.
is kanye west in the illuminati posing with horus chain and egyptian sarcophogus
It would be wrong to demonize Kanye West for wearing a chain with Horus.  (If you actually do the history you will find out that Horus was an ancient form of Jesus who predated him by thousands of years.  There are over a dozen recorded Christ figures throughout history).
Another thing that has everyone asking "is Kanye West Illuminati" is all of the occult symbols used in his music videos.  His mini-feature film/music video Runaway really got a lot of people started talking.  They ignored the artistic vision of his video and tried to focus in on what they perceived as occult symbology.  I ask this question.  What's wrong with Kanye West being interested in the occult?  This does not automatically prove that Kanye West is in the Illuminati.  According to Wikipedia, the word occult comes from the Latin word occultus which refers to "knowledge of the hidden".

I fail to see anything wrong with wanting to gain insight of knowledge that is hidden.  Without going to far off topic the study of Kaballah which is Jewish mysticism or any other spiritual system does not mean that someone is a devil worshiper.  It actually shows that the person in question is beginning to throw off the shackles of their inherited belief system and seeking a deeper, more spiritual understanding of the universe.

Since most people do not understand what the occult is they will immeadiately assume that anything "occult" is equated with evil.  This line of thinking means Kanye West is Illuminati and evil plain and simple only because the person seeing the occult symbols he displays does not understand them.  Most of the videos and websites "exposing" (I use that term VERY lightly) Kanye West and the Illuminati are coming from an extremely narrow-minded, very Christian, fear-mongering point of view.

These videos and sites use overly simplistic generalizations such as "Kanye West has a Horus chain on that means he's evil!"  "See the head of baphomet in his video, he worships Satan!"  These are blatantly ignorant and dumbed down observations that are used to make the case that Kanye West is Illuminati because he is doing stuff that you don't recognize from church.

Conclusion: Kanye West Illuminati Implications

In conclusion about the topic Is Kanye West in the Illuminati I would say no he isn’t.  Seriously this is the same guy who was the only rapper (or black person) with the balls to say on national TV that famous line about George Bush not caring about black people during Hurricane Katrina.  Kanye spoke from his heart and said what many people were thinking at the time.  He doesn’t apologize for being Kanye West or for being black.  Kanye West Illuminati?  I don’t think so.  Bush even had to address that matter years later in 2011 on TV.  He said it was the worst moment of his presidency, ouch!  Remember, Kanye’s accusations against Bush got played all over the world.  That was unscripted.
This is the same Kanye West who took to the stage to protest Taylor Swift winning the VMA over Beyonce.  I doubt the Illuminati could afford to have such a wild card on their team, lol.  I think Kanye West and Jay-Z are having fun with yall.  Especially with their joint album, Watch For The Throne.  Kanye West is enjoying the free publicity and the rumors make the press follow him extra hard.
is kanye west illuminati with jay z watch for the throne

This topic will spark debates and disputes from many people.  Like I said earlier each video Jay-Z and Kanye West release is going to feed more into the conspiracy theorists.  It keeps everyone talking about him.  Having people everywhere wondering is Kanye West in the Illuminati is not hurting him, it’s helping keep him relevant.  If more people are talking about him the tabloids have to keep the paparazzi following Kanye everwhere he goes.  This means he gets more coverage and more attention.  Kanye West is a rapper.  He has to keep an edge to his persona.  What is more “bad boy” than being in the Illuminati?
Who can blame Kanye West?  All you guys who want to buy into this are being fed more for you to talk about by Mr. West himself.  I would do the same thing in his position.  He’s got nothing to lose because anyone with sense would know better.  He is a capitalist.  He can't lose.

Kanye West is definitely doing this stuff on purpose for the media attention and the extra hype created by the controversy.  All you have to do is see how many videos about “Kanye West Illuminati” are viewed on YouTube and you will see the business related reason for feeding the hype.

To shed some more light on the matter listen to what hip hop artist GLC (someone who actually knows Kanye) has to say about Kanye West and the Illuminati from an interview: What are your thoughts on the whole Illuminati thing? Do you believe it’s real?

GLC: I believe that the Illuminati is one percent of the human population that controls I believe it’s either 60 or 80 percent of the world’s wealth and at the end of the day, it’s kind of crazy because back in the 90’s we were talking about the Illuminati and no one would have ever imagined that in 2010 people would be saying the Illuminati is rappers. Like the Illuminati, those are like multi-billionaire people that are rich as hell and have more money than countries and sh*t and I don’t know no rappers that’s doing it like that, you know? It’s just kind of crazy. (my thoughts exactly)

You know when you’re less fortunate and you see somebody balling, you want to come up with all sorts of crazy ways and things that person had to do in order to obtain that. I know that people were saying that Kanye is a part of the Illuminati and he sacrificed his mom and all this type of crazy s**t.  He loved his mom. He wouldn’t sacrifice his mom! That’s f*cking crazy!

Aside from that…This is why I know it’s a fine example: from the time he was 12 years old to the time he got on, he made beats every day. Sort of like Michael Jordan…every day he went to the gym. When everyone else was out, he was working on his game. But just because he’s so good at what he does, “Aw man he has to be the Illuminati!” I think people just need to spend more time focusing on what they can do to make their lives better as opposed to focusing on why somebody has something and they don’t.

LOL, the real Illuminati are laughing too.  While everyone is looking at all the pop stars and accusing them of being members of the Illuminati they are running the world.  While you are accusing the musicians who entertain you of being in secret societies the real elite organizations are allegedly running everything right under your nose!  Stop with the nonsense!

Those are my thoughts on the subject of Kanye West and the Illuminati.  Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.


  1. Peace,
    Preciate your comment. Just trying to present a calm and open-minded viewpoint on the matter. Most of the misinformation floating around is presented from a limited point of view.

    I have grown up in Christianity and have also studied the occult. This topic does not scare me and that allows me to approach the Illuminati rumors from a non-emotional perspective.

  2. Could it be possible that musicians are trying to aware people of the real Illuminati by doing the publicity stunts?

  3. The only thing I can think as your article wraps up is: they're making enough money to be in the top 1%. I obviously can't say with certainty that they are members of the elite group. Although I can say with certainty that being as rich and famous as they are, they certainly are an elite group. Do I think they are illuminatus? Well I think it is a very strong possibility. But I think you do make a good point about the publicity aspects. I'm a graffiti artist, so I personally know that exposing myself, as the criminal artist that I am, has only helped sell my legal art. Those same people that purchased my art would hate if I painted all over their pretty little neighborhoods. Yet they were intrigued by seeing my criminal art in other neighborhoods. That was simply free(minus the cost of the paint, lol) advertising for me. So I see your point. Do I agree? Not completely, but thank you for sharing ypur viewpoint.