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If there is one thing Kanye knows how to do really well, it is creating controversy.  I'm sure more Kanye West Illuminati theories will spring up after this latest rumor.  Allegedly Kanye West is leaning towards naming his 6th studio album 'I Am God".

The album is slated to be released in 2013.  Little is known about the album outside of the possible name and contributing artists The Dream and Malik Yusef.

questlove kanye i am god
maybe Questlove is in the know
One thing is for sure...
This rumor will only further spark Kanye West Illuminati theories and get more internet Illuminati researchers the "proof" that they need to pinpoint Kanye's involvement in the secret society.

Kanye West is always pushing the envelope.  Whatever name he decides on for his sixth album if it is anywhere near as nice as his last it will be a classic.

god kanye illuminati

I know most religious fundamentalists would find an album title like this blasphemous however if you truly examine the bible it tells you that 'I Am' is the name of the Lord.

When Moses asks God who he is the Lord replies, "I Am, that I Am."

This is repeated multiple times throughout the text.  Not only that but if you study Kabalah you will come to learn that the name Jesus means I Am.

Hell 'je suis' in French means I Am.

What is all this telling you?
I'll save that subject for another sermon but here's a video that may help some people understand.

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