Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are Expecting

Big ups to Kanye and Kim.  No Illuminati rumors this time.  Kanye just confirmed that he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby.

pregnant kim kanye west illuminati

On Sunday night, Kanye West “announced” that he and Kim Kardashian are expecting a child together when he told the crowd at his Atlantic City concert to “Stop the music and make some noise for my baby mama.”

Right after his announcement the Kardashian clan took to Twitter to spread well wishes for the new addition to the family.  Wonder if they are going to give their new baby a "K" name?

kanye crystal mask illuminati rumors continue
Looks kinda cool, Illuminati-ish

Its been a big weekend for Kanye West at Atlantic City.  He drew a lot of attention for the outfits he wore onstage Friday night at a concert.  He created a stir when he came onstage with a crystal ski mask and all-white outfit.

kanye feather yeti maskThat wasn't it.  Next he came back with a feathered mask, that fans have been calling a Yeti mask.  Earlier in December he made news by wearing a Givenchi leather kilt during a performance.

Just wanted to take some time away from the Illuminati rumors to send well wishes to Kanye and Kim.  Wish them a happy, healthy pregnancy!

What a great way to bring in the New Year!

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